Bombay Perfumery

Product design and launch plan

The Ask

Create a new product that will propel a successful brand launch in the United States. 

The Situation

Luxury brands are getting on board with green practices, but fragrances are left out. Perfume sales are falling in the US and consumers prefer scents with real stories over celeb endorsements.

The Opportunity

Launch a scent that appeals to the socially minded and style conscious market. 

The Product

The new ittar line is an on-trend luxury beauty product. By highlighting the cultural significance, homeopathic benefits and rich history, we will appeal to the US market. 

Bombay Perfumery

Bombay Perfumery mixes European perfume styles and Indian scents. The company was founded in Mumbai in 2016 by Manan Gandhi. They currently sell perfumes and premium scented candles in stores across India and online. 

“I wanted to build a brand that pays homage to the beautiful Indian naturals that have been used in perfumery for generations now, but are not quite given their due...There was no homegrown, contemporary, luxury fragrance range that would appeal to the millennial consumer.” 

-Manan Gandhi, founder of Bombay Perfumery

The Findings

Eastern Cultural Influences

Americans are more receptive than ever to Eastern medicine, wellness practices, style, and culture. Indian fashion designers are rising to fame at NYFW; Korean beauty brands, ayurvedic practices and yoga dominate the fitness and wellness scene; matcha and chai are now coffeehouse essentials.

Fragrance Sales

But, fragrance sales are falling. Consumers now see celebrity endorsements as cheesy and cheap. They are turning to alternative products like lotions and body sprays as they become more aware of the chemicals that are typically used in perfumes.

The Challenge

How do we bring Bombay Perfumery into the shrinking US fragrance market?

ittar factory.jpg
ittar traditional bottle.png

(Traditional ittar bottle and factory)


Ittar is an ancient fragrant oil present in middle eastern and Indian heritage. Often considered the scent of kings, this concentrated formula is dabbed directly on the body instead of sprayed and is free from alcohol and chemical preservatives. Scents are tailored to moods and seasons and some have homeopathic benefits. Right now it’s hard to find in the US.

The Opportunity

Launch ittar in the US as an on-trend product in the luxury and natural beauty markets that doesn’t fall prey to the tired tendencies of chemical fragrances. 

The Target

Kayla is adventurous, stylish and conscientious. She looks for ethical labels and responsibly sourced products whenever possible. She wears brands like Vejas and accents her outfits with handcrafted bags and locally made jewelry.

Since we’ll be reaching her where she spends a lot of her online time, on social media, we’re looking into her behavior on Instagram.

Her Instagram features pictures from her travels with her friends and other adventures around NYC where she lives. 

She shares content about shopping, her daily life, and jokes with her friends through her stories.

In addition to friends, Kayla follows brands she loves, famous dogs, style & cooking bloggers, and some meme accounts. 

The Strategy

Bombay Perfumery Ittar allows everyone to tell the story behind their personal style.

Introducing: Bombay Perfumery Ittar

The brand’s current products are “Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic and unique in the experience they provide.” Bombay Perfumery’s new ittar line aligns with this philosophy and features fashionable scents that tell your story and elevate your wellbeing. Inspired by ancient royalty, these fragrances are perfect for the modern explorer. These scents enhance the user's beauty routine with scents that can lift moods, calm senses or energize minds. Ideal for both men or women, they are customizable for mood, season and occasion. 

Product Design and Launch

We gave the new line a distinct visual identity and packaging that are still in line with the overall brand and planned New York Fashion Week and Refinery29 partnerships to create excitement around the launch. 

Visual Identity

The brand has always been strongly linked to arts and culture in India, and features beautifully designed bottles and packaging. In order to build the new line’s own unique identity, we partnered with body artist Emma Hack. Not only does this stay true to the brand’s overall identity, but the body art connection hones in on the essence of ittar. 

packaging current.png
perfume bottle.png

(Current visual identity and packaging)

ittar vis id.jpg
bottle mock up.png

New Bottle Design

Similar to Bombay Perfumery’s approach to their primary line of fragrances, we took inspiration from traditional ittar bottles when reimagining a modern product. Additionally, we kept them within the brand guidelines of Bombay Perfumery to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Each scent has a different body art-centric identity inspired by the fragrance.

ittar box.png

New Packaging

The ittar boxes are taller and more slender versions of the standard Bombay Perfumery box. Where those have a solid color denoting the scent, we instead chose to hint at the artwork through the interior portion of the packaging.

ittar box - needs fix.jpg

(Bird's eye view of open box)

(Side view)

Launch Plan

Campaign Strategy

Bombay Perfumery Ittar transforms to reflect the unique style and personality of the wearer.

Brand has no presence in the United States


People are unfamiliar with traditional ittar fragrance

People don't see this as a high end product

People don't know where to purchase the product


Create experiences that showcase the moods and ideas of the product

Educate consumers on the use and history of ittar

Highlight the ingredients and craft that goes into making these products

Make purchasing accessible and easy


  • NYFW designer partnership

  • Targeted sponsored social posts 

  • Earned media

  • Sample packages allow experimentation

  • 29Rooms partnership allows first-hand experience with the brand

  • Educational social posts clarify use and application

  • NYFW designer partnership to align with existing credible luxury brand

  • Earned media

  • Associate with select influencers (ie. Manrepeller, Aimee Song)

  • Instagram product tagging in sponsored posts

  • Select retail partnerships publicized on social media

  • Earned media mentions


NYFW Designer Partnership

We'll partner with fashion designer Naeem Khan to create an experiential runway show inspired by Bombay Perfumery Ittar. We will work with Khan to create looks styled in accordance with each ittar scent. 

product extension ittar.png
ittar sample bottles.png

(Khan has dressed Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama among other notable celebs.)

Product Extension

Sample packs will be gifted to front row VIP guests. A description on the inside of the lid encourages them to try different scents for different moods. 

After Party

The after party will focus on expression and style, featuring artisanal cocktails inspired by the 5 ittar fragrances, as well as a guest appearance from body artist Emma Hack who will paint custom “tattoos” that match the style and personality of attendees. 

5 different DJs will set 5 distinct moods to represent each of the scents. 

after party.png

Refinery 29 Partnership

Running in tandem with NYFW, Bombay Perfumery will launch an ittar-themed room in partnership with 29Rooms.

This made-for-Instagram interactive art installation has partnered with brands like Bacardi and gained a ton of attention online. This partnership fosters interaction with ittar, ties the scents to stimulating visual experiences and aligns them with expression. 

29rooms photo.jpg

My Role

Research, product strategy, comms planning, visual identity concepting, activations


The Team

Sarah Matheson-Harris, Strategist

Joe Castagna, Strategist

Mykala Daniel, Strategist


I loved the opportunity to think through a new product from design to launch with this project. Fragrance lends itself well to interactive brand experiences and I think New York Fashion Week would be the perfect way to launch.