Just Evanne.

Pronounced like Evan. But please don't spell it that way. 

Newport News, VA

Before grad school, I got really good at learning on the fly by jumping into various industries and roles. Strategy has been the perfect way to keep learning something new every day, and I've been picking up some extra hobbies along the way.


Rock climbed inside a cave,

walked in Jim Thompson’s last footsteps,

dove with sharks and avoided trigger fish, 

rekindled my love of photography,

remembered the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone.

This is what I did

But this is what it was really like.

Culpeper, VA

Interviewed Yousuf Karsh’s widow,

met all five female Supreme Court badasses,

supervised live national TV broadcasts,

discovered video art through the work of Bill Viola,

was surrounded by geniuses.

Washington, D.C.

I played lacrosse in high school, but my true love is horseback riding. Even though it has almost killed me a couple times.

The fact that I made a podcast about death acceptance is maybe more understandable if you know how much I love horror movies.

I’ve been told I have weird taste in music. "Yourself or Someone Like You" is one of the greatest albums of all time. Fight me.

(As told by Instagram)

New York City

Evanne Allen  |  evanne.allen@gmail.com  |  704-770-1030